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Inner journeying is a friendly metaphor for experiencing the self.

Our lives are a journey in search of deeper insights into ourselves as we navigate the ever-changing inner world of thoughts, feelings and perceptions.

As the mind is the prism through which we experience life, the inner journey encompasses qualities such as mindfulness, awareness, attention, emotional intelligence, creativity, self-determination and 'looking within'

to discover more of who we are. This also includes dealing with the practical realities of self-transformation and the mystery of the "great unknown". The Reisebüro am Hafen creates a space of inspiration and practice on these topics.

With a background in such disciplines as film, meditation, yoga, and a passion for sound and breathing techniques, my approach on personal development weaves together different threads from art, philosophy, psychology and various areas of holistic wellbeing. I am particularly keen to nurture different experiences of consciousness (waking awareness, dream state, or expanded consciousness) and use the transformative benefits of the trance-like, ecstatic states of the mind.


I am currently training as an IOPT facilitator (Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Theory and Therapy) and support individuals as a psychedelic integration consultant. As more and more people around the world become curious about the therapeutic potential of psychedelics, education on how to reduce the harms and maximize the benefits of psychedelic substances is more important than ever.


Psychedelic integration is about finding ways to incorporate the insights and experiences gained from psychedelic travels into daily life in a healthy and meaningful way. I provide a harm reduction framework throughout the integration phase and can offer psycho-education on the use of psychedelics to promote safety and minimize the risks associated with their use (while maximizing the benefits). After the "trip", efforts can be made to integrate the insights and experiences gained through the use of psychedelics. A healing process may also include the use of mindfulness exercises and other practices that can help individuals develop a greater awareness of themselves.

A curative approach may also include the use of mindfulness exercises (mind work) and somatic techniques (body work) that can help individuals develop greater self-awareness.

Before you contact me, please note:

I do not administer psychedelic or psychoactive substances to anyone.
I can't refer you to a person who administers or sells illegal substances.
However, I can help you integrate your psychedelic experience.

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